How to brush teeth thread

How to brush teeth thread

When pieces of food get stuck between teeth, and we not always carefully clean them from there. Then there can be serious problems. And fetid odor from mouth – not the most terrible of them. Diseases of gums, reproduction of bacteria, adjournment of scale, the increased risk of developing of caries – here the list of the few points from the list of those problems that are consequence of negligent attitude to hygiene of oral cavity. It is known that the toothbrush cannot reach all corners and shchelochek this cavity. And then tooth thread comes to the rescue. But also it should be able to be used.


  1. Take 30-40 cm of thread and reel up on middle fingers of both hands so that the remained interval (middle part of thread) it was equal to about 5 centimeters.
  2. Holding thread index and big fingers so that it has stretched, accurately you enter it into interval between teeth. You watch that thread did not crash into gum and did not injure it.
  3. You circle with thread serially each of pair of adjoining teeth, clasping With-shapedly at first one, and then the next tooth and at the same time moving thread up/down, slightly coming under the line of gums. Having cleaned thus one interval (and at the same time two teeth on half), throw out the used thread.
  4. Wind off new piece of thread and process likewise the following interval and adjacent two teeth on half. So move from tooth to tooth, without forgetting every time to change thread.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team