How to burn fat standing

How to burn fat standing

It is possible to burn fat standing by means of complex of physical exercises, nothing is more effective than it today is not thought up. Not only visit of the gym, but also other types of activity, such as sports walking or swimming means.


1. Being engaged in sports walking, the person in two hours spends about 500 calories that allows to remove 0.1 millimeter of fat. Only leading mobile life, it is possible not to worry about completeness of the legs.

2. It is possible to train front part of hip by means of such exercise. Become exactly, hands on belt, legs at shoulder length. Alternately bend one leg in knee, transferring weight of trunk to the bent leg. 10-20 times repeat exercise.

3. One more exercise for front part of hip. The same is resistant, as in the previous exercise. Do attacks with squat for one leg, then for another. Repeat 20 times.

4. Back parts of hips will help to strengthen calves of legs and exercise with chair. It is necessary to put chair and to do deep squats, concerning sitting of chair, but not sitting down on it. To keep in situation "sitting" it is necessary up to 3 seconds. Try to hold back exactly as far as it is possible, and do not bend knees forward. It is necessary to repeat this exercise time 15-20.

5. Carrying out the following exercise, it is possible to burn really fat standing. Get up on all fours, but legs and hands you hold straight lines. Move forward, raising at the same time in the beginning the left hand and leg, and then right. Do not bend knees, otherwise exercise will not have useful impact on muscles of legs. During performance of this exercise try to hang the head, the body has to be relaxed. Take five steps forward then in the same pose come back.

6. Sit down on floor, tighten legs to breast and embrace them both hands. After that begin to bend slowly back, trying to keep balance. Fast return to starting position will become the next stage, knees at the same time should not be released. It is necessary to repeat exercise to 6 times. Having accepted initial pose, begin to deviate to the left-to the right, it is impossible to touch floor. Carry out exercise several times. It will allow to remove fat congestions and will promote intake of blood in backbone.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team