How to calculate ideal weight for the woman

How to calculate ideal weight for the woman

Any woman wants to have ideal weight. It not only will make her attractive, but also will save from the diseases connected with excessive body weight. The simplest technique in calculation of normal weight Broca's formula is considered. For calculation of ideal weight it is possible to use also advanced formula of Broca-Brukshta.

It is required to you

  • Centimetric tape, calculator, paper, pencil.


  1. Measure precisely the growth. For this purpose become back to wall, become straight. Heels and shovels have to be driven into the corner. Do not lift up and do not hang the head. Having put on the head something equal (for example, the book), record it. Give mark. Remember that your growth can decrease by the evening by 1 cm.
  2. In Broca-Brukshta's formula M=P-100-(P-100)/10 where the M is ideal weight, and P – value of growth in cm, substitute value of the growth in see the Example: if your height of 160 cm, then formula looks so kg M=160-100-(160-100)/10=54
  3. Enter adjustment for growth into this calculation. So for ladies growth up to 155 cm in formula it is necessary to subtract from value P not 100, but 95. The formula will look so: M = R-95-(r)-95)/10dlya of women growth 155sm-165sm, we subtract from P value 100 and basic formula does not change: M = R-100-(r)-100)/10dlya of women with growth of 165-175 cm, from P we will subtract 105. The formula will be following: M = P-105-(P-105)/10. And if your height more than 175 cm then to subtract from P we will be value 110. Conduct calculation on formula: M = P-110-(P-110)/10
  4. It is possible to calculate even more precisely value of ideal weight, considering the type of constitution. If you the owner of asthenic (thin-boned) type of constitution can reduce the received value by 10%. At hypersthenic (big-boned) type of constitution it is necessary to add 10% to the received value of ideal weight.

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