How to calculate the ideal waist

How to calculate the ideal waist

It is considered that ideal waist measurement - 60 cm. And if the centimetric tape shows more, it becomes reason for frustration. And it is absolutely vain!

The treasured waist in 60 cm absolutely differently will look at high and tiny ladies. Means, time to receive own formula of beauty has come.

We take the calculator

There are several formulas of determination of the "correct" waist measurement. Let's not go deep into difficult calculations and we will take two simplest.

  • It is necessary to subtract 100 cm from indicator of the growth. The turned-out figure will show ideal grasp of your waist.
  • The ratio of waist and hips has to make 0.7. If you have wide bone, it is necessary to add 3-5 cm to the received result, and for narrow bone, on the contrary, to take away.

Anyway the received result is not the obligatory standard. It is only reference point on which it is possible to equal.

How to solve problem

So, calculations are finished. If waist measurement demands adjustment, think over complex of recovery measures. Only you should not set the unrealistic purpose to make it by New year or to any date. The organism does not suffer violence! Rather systematically and regularly to carry out package of measures for achievement of objective. Exactly as in mathematics: the first, second and third action.

1. Exercises

Hoop - the best shell! You twist hoop of 10-15 minutes daily, and in few months you will feel how the waist has decreased and the elasticity and elasticity of skin has increased.

Squats. Being kneeling, sit down on floor to the right of heels, return to starting position. Make repetition in the opposite direction. Execute 10-20 times for each party.

Raising of the body. Starting position - lying on spin, legs are bent in knees. To lift upper part of the body and to reach the left elbow the right knee. To return to starting position and then to execute twist in the opposite direction. To repeat 15-20 times for each party.

2. Healthy nutrition

Frequent food will allow not only not to stretch in the small portions stomach, but also to support normal metabolism level.

Eat more protein (low-fat meat, dairy products, fish), vegetables, fruit, greens. It is better to limit carbohydrates to porridges, whole-grain bread and pasta from firm grades of wheat. Total caloric content of the eaten products - 1500-2000 kcal a day.


One of popular methods -  is plucked massage. It tones up, strengthens skin, helps to reduce fat deposits in stomach.

Carry out massage standing and next the heart. Apply to skin of a little vegetable oil or anti-cellulite cream. Then, taking big and forefinger of the right and left hand skin on stomach, plucked movements move along muscles of press, side muscles. Pinches have to be notable, skin has to redden, but without appearance of bruises. Carry out within 15-20 minutes. It is desirable daily.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team