How to calm face skin

How to calm face skin

The hypersensibility of face skin can be as congenital feature, and to arise from time to time owing to external influence of harmful factors. There are many ways to reduce manifestations of irritation.


1. Wash always warm or slightly cool water, it is desirable boiled. Avoid use of soap not to overdry skin. Choose soft means for washing. It is desirable to use srubs with care.

2. Remarkable means to reduce manifestations of irritation is cucumber juice. Moisten cotton pad in cucumber juice and wipe face. Or just use piece of fresh cucumber.

3. Try instead of night cream within several days to put olive oil. Do not rub it in skin, remove surplus napkin.

4. Make mask of the ground oat flakes wetted in milk.

5. Well compresses help. Try, for example, compress from parsley. Prepare parsley decoction and cover the person with the gauze napkin moistened in broth. Temperature of broth has to be about 30 degrees.

6. Great way to calm the angry skin – face packs. Sour cream becomes so: mix 2 spoons of sour cream and beet or carrot juice and put on face for 20 minutes. Then wash away cool water.

7. Or make mask of yeast, having mixed dry yeast with any fermented milk product. If desired it is possible to add fruit juice. This mask should be held before drying, then to wash away accurately.

8. If at you the aloe grows in the house, use it for preparation of egg mask. Grind leaves, beat egg white to foam, add drop of lemon juice and mix. Put mask on face and let's dry up. Then put the following layer and repeat manipulations. Then wash away cool water.

9. Almost never cause negative reaction of mask with fresh potatoes. The most plain mask – the wiped fresh potatoes. Put on face and wash away in 20 minutes.

10. Every time going outside, use creams with UV filters. In the winter in addition apply creams for protection against cold.

11. Try to refuse spicy and spicy food, it is desirable to reduce consumption of coffee. These products often cause irritation, including on face.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team