How to carry out gymnastics for the person

How to carry out gymnastics for the person

Trainings demand all muscles of body including front. Mimicry of the person very live: we laugh, we frown, we wrinkle forehead. As a result of face muscle stretch, droop, there are wrinkles and swellings. To return to shape tone and to improve skin color the set of exercises which needs to be carried out twice a day will help.

It is required to you

  • - free time;
  • - desire to strengthen face muscles and necks.


1. Train muscles century to get rid of "goose pads", to reduce puffiness and to prevent overhang of upper eyelid. Put tips of middle fingers on nose bridge, and index – on internal corners of eyes, slightly press fingers. Strongly narrow eyes, in half-minute relax eyelids. Repeat exercise of 10 times.

2. Do exercises for forehead muscles to reduce wrinkles and to prevent emergence of new. Index, middle and ring fingers press on forehead skin towards eyes, and raise eyebrows up, feeling tension. Repeat movements of 20 times. Frown forehead, in second raise eyebrows up and widely open eyes, do exercise of 7 times, then relax.

3. Do exercises for muscles of cheeks if regularly to carry out gymnastics for the person, then cheeks will not droop. Alternate pulling of lips in tubule to wide smile. Then 10 times serially pull in cheeks, inflate them. For several seconds detain each position of muscles.

4. Regularly carry out exercises for lips, and the corners lowered soon will rise in former situation. Widely open mouth, press upper lip to teeth and smile mouth corners, repeat 10 times. Detain lips in such situation and slightly press forefingers on mouth corners for fixing of result. Do exercise for increase in elasticity of lips. For this purpose accurately you say vowels and you watch that lips did not clench and did not stretch.

5. Carry out gymnastics for muscles of chin and neck, it will help to take away the second chin and to strengthen neck. Sit down, throw back the head and make 20 chewing movements, widely opening mouth. Feel tension of muscles. After this exercise push the lower jaw forward and make 20 movements to the right-to the left. Sitting throw back the head, feel tension of muscles and straighten neck. Execute exercise of 35 times and repeat 1-2 more times during the day.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team