How to catch bewitching look: burdock eyebrow oil

How to catch bewitching look: burdock eyebrow oil

of the woman consists in natural charm, slim figure, magnificent hair and, of course, beautiful speaking glance. That your eyes attracted and fascinated, it is necessary to give the esthetic form to eyebrows and also carefully to look after them.

Beautiful well-groomed eyebrows are capable to change completely appearance, having made it more distinguished and smart. Burdock oil – fine means for giving of desirable volume to eyebrows, it is capable to cure and recover poverezhdenny hairs.

Chic and gloss

  1. At first buy in drugstore bottle with burdock oil. Do not use product expired, otherwise you risk to injure hairs and not to gain desirable effect.
  2. Take small brush and accurately comb the eyebrows in the direction of growth of hairs. Slightly warm up oil, having taken it over the container with hot water. Means has to become warm, but not burning.
  3. Carefully you apply oil on eyebrows. Making massage movements, rub means in skin.  It is desirable to hold such mask on face several hours therefore ideally it is necessary to apply it on eyebrows in the evening before going to bed. If you carry out the procedure in the afternoon, leave means on skin at least for hour.
  4. Wash away oil warm water, and then wipe skin with clean napkin with the cleaning milk or skin for washing. If you wash away product not completely, then on skin there will be greasy luster.

There are no contraindications to use of burdock oil, but allergic reactions are possible. Therefore previously make the test. Drip a little oil on gentle skin in the place of elbow bend of hand and wait three-four hours. The absence of rash and irritation will mean that it is possible to apply burdock oil to giving to eyebrows of beauty and gloss safely.

Bewitching volume

To reproach growth of hairs, take teaspoon of burdock oil and add to it three drops of cognac. Mix components and apply mix on eyebrows. Wash away means in thirty minutes and be very careful – you watch that mix has not got into eyes.

If you love yourself, then look after the person and body. And then you will always look charmingly, and it is magnificent to feel.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team