How to change appearance

How to change appearance

There are things given us from the birth, and we not in forces to change them: country, family, day of our birth. But it is full of stories when the person who has changed name has completely changed the destiny. Of course, change of name not in itself changes life, it is done by the person by means of confidence which he gains, choosing himself name independently. Whether this law concerning appearance works?

It is required to you

  • Consultation of the cosmetologist, hairdresser, stylist.


  1. Begin with hair. Address experts who are engaged in selection hairstylesof according to the photo by means of the special computer program. Also this program can be found in the Internet easily. Change safely - pick up not only new color of hair, but also hairstyle. Consult with the cosmetologist and pick up make-up which will emphasize advantages of your features.
  2. Beauty and self-confidence is shown in look, manner to behave, gait. To improve these important components of any image, practice yoga, fitness, morning jogs or just fall in love. Then in eyes there will be spark, and the gait will become flying.
  3. Create the new image, relying on style of the person whom you would like to resemble - it can be the singer, the actress or the TV host. Collect photos of this personality and consult with experts in the field of beauty - whether your external data are suitable for this image. If yes - create new clothes, on canon which was chosen.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team