How to change hair color from black for chestnut

How to change hair color from black for chestnut

If you have suddenly wanted to turn from the burning brunette into the charming brown-haired woman, then you should try properly in order that color on hair was equal and saturated.

It is often very difficult for owners of hair of black color to change color, the majority of paints does not take such dark shade. And what to do if there is a strong wish to change cardinally appearance, since clothes style and finishing with hair color?

The first step on the way to the brown-haired person

For a start you will need to define condition of the hair, shade saturation, and then to pass to the clarifier choice. Study the range of the shops specializing in sale of cosmetics and choose that decolouring means which will suit you at the price, quality and also extent of clarification. If you want to receive as a result pleasant chocolate shade of hair, then you should buy clarifier on 1–2 tones. When you see yourself in the future the red-haired beast, it is worth choosing means more feasible – on 4–6 tones.

You can independently clarify hair and also having resorted to the help of hairdressers or close people. To usually define as far as hair became lighter most very much difficult – you should turn around mirror, and not the fact that you do not miss the site where hair have remained the same or have gained too light color. Having addressed the hairdresser, you will be sure that preparation and further coloring will be carried out at the appropriate level, and the gray hair if that is available, or unevenness of color will not concern you.

Coloring of hair

After hair are prepared, you will need to choose future shade of your head of hear. Try to choose paint either without ammonia, or with natural oils as a part of means. So, you will be able though not much more, but to keep condition of structure of hair. It is necessary to apply paint with brush or hairbrush with rare teeths (if at you the thin and strongly dropping out hair). Before putting paint it is better not to wash the head – exception are cases when hair are too polluted. If you want to preserve as much as possible hair, then you should choose coloring balm or shampoo. Remember that on the clarified hair the shade will be brighter, and means very long will be washed away. Coloring balm will suit those girls who intend to change hair color often. Time of action of such painting means will be much more smaller, than when using resistant paints. At the final stage you will need to use balm for hair recovery. Also you should choose special shampoos, masks and dark and dyed hair conditioners for a long time to keep the acquired shade.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team