How to change skin color

How to change skin color

People always tried to change something in themselves. Including skin color. The most stunning success was achieved in this case by Michael Jackson, however, at the price of great efforts. And all because to change skin color from dark to light is very difficult. We were lucky more – we most often set opposite task for ourselves. And the option is not one here.


1. The most habitual, but not the safest way of change of skin color – natural solar suntan which can be received, having gone for few weeks to tropical countries. But you remember that leather needs to be "removed" to the sun gradually, since several minutes a day in the period of the smallest solar activity, that is in the morning and in the evening. Do not forget about sunblock creams. Many neglect them that skin has got desirable brown shade rather, forgetting that these means protect skin from harmful radiation, passing "useful" beams.

2. Strangely enough, fine resistant suntan can be received in the earliest spring when the sun already spurs, and snow has not descended yet. Having been reflected from snow, sunshine become stronger. It is necessary to be more careful – in the spring there is too danger to burn down in spite of the fact that around it is still cool. Some during this period sunbathe, skiing in one bathing suit, but certain courage for this purpose is required.

3. However these ways are relevant during certain season. And what if you want to change skin color at that time year when the sun and does not think to look out because of clouds? The sunbed will help. There are two types of sunbed – vertical and horizontal. They have the features – in horizontal suntan can turn out uneven in those places where the body nestles on the device (tailbone, shovels). And in vertical the legs can worse sunbathe, than all other body. For achievement of equal suntan the experts advise to alternate suntan in vertical and horizontal sunbed. Being in sunbed, it is necessary to observe the same safety measures, as in the sun – to begin with small and not to be under lamps too long. By the way, lamps in sunbed have strictly certain service life, after that they become harmful to skin. Therefore always specify at the administrator of salon how long changed lamps, and you go only to the checked salons.

4. It is possible to change skin color by means of creams for autosuntan. This way is more sparing for skin as it does not receive harmful radiation. Now in the market there is set of means from various producers, choose on the taste. We advise only to use not creams which in the majority paint skin unevenly, leaving spots, and sprays – they lay down more exactly.

5. If you want to change skin color originally and with advantage for health, eat carrot. Through some time skin will change shade. Whether it to you will go, depends on specific features of your skin – at someone it is indistinguishable from color of suntan, someone becomes frankly orange. Yes, remember, - in order that the skin color has changed, it is necessary to eat carrots much!

6. Sometimes, perezagorav or having gone too far in autosuntan, it is required to change skin color to lighter. Then you will be helped by lemon (more effective) or the cucumber which was (more sparing). Wipe with them skin before receiving shade necessary for you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team