How to change the direction of growth of hair

How to change the direction of growth of hair

The direction of growth of hair is put at the genetic level. But if does not suit you, for example, as the bang when it is not exposed to laying lies, do not despair. Try to change the direction of filaments in the necessary party.

It is required to you

  • - hairbrush;
  • - styling sprays;
  • - hair dryer, curling iron or iron;
  • - hairpins.


  1. Daily 10-15 minutes comb hair in that party in what it is necessary for you. The result will appear at a distant day, but if you show persistence and patience, then you will achieve the desirable. If you have rigid and disobedient curls, them it will be more difficult to accustom to lie correctly.
  2. Pin up hair hairpins or beautiful hairpins. If you have no opportunity to go in such view of work, do it day at several o'clock in the evening.
  3. Stack curls in the necessary party the curling iron or the hair dryer, will approach as well the iron. Do not forget to use thermoprotection to reduce negative impact of heat. Over time hair will begin to lie in that party to what you send them. But especially be not zealous as electric devices can damage structure that will lead to emergence of split ends.
  4. Helps to change the direction of curls wax, skin or gel. You apply means directly on roots, modeling hairstyle as it is necessary for you.
  5. When hair do not want to change the direction of growth, address to beauty shop or to hairdressing salon. By means of chemical means which are used for long-term laying or straightening of curls you will be able to solve this problem. But this way has mass of contraindications: the damaged structure, severe hair loss and diseases of head skin.
  6. If later long period (more than 3-4 months) the hair have not accepted the necessary direction, despite all your efforts, just refuse conceived. And give the necessary form by means of means for laying. There are no other options, unfortunately.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team