How to choose bath salt

How to choose bath salt

Sometimes, after unlucky day, so there is a wish to lie down in bathtub with foam and sea salt. But the choice of salt in drugstores and shops is big and various that sometimes you do not know what to choose and as this salt influences organism.

Sea salt

Sea salt is not just way to relax and derive pleasure from house Spa procedure. Regular bathtubs with its application well influence all organism: the condition of skin improves, it becomes cleaner and tightened. Positive impact is also had on nervous system: the nervous tension is removed, the sleep quality improves, the depressiveness leaves. Salt bathtubs accelerate metabolism, stimulate work of thyroid gland.

Salt of the Dead Sea

It is the same sea salt, but because of features of the Dead Sea of mineral substances and various microelements contains in it much more. Bathtubs with this salt cope with various skin rashes (allergy, deprive, eczema, various fungal diseases), improve condition of skin at psoriasis. Salts of the Dead Sea possess wound healing action, update skin at the cellular level. Because of high concentration of bromine and its connections of bathtub positively influence nervous system: the excitability decreases and intracranial pressure is stabilized.

Aromatic salts

It is sea salt with addition of various essential oils. Usually salts with coniferous oils (fir, juniper), lavender, rose and melissa are on sale. Such salts, first of all, create oily film which protects skin from moisture loss on skin, improves its elasticity. Salts with coniferous oils help to cope with the beginning cold, kill pain and ache in joints, improve quality and duration of dream.

Contraindications for bathtubs with sea salt: warmly - vascular diseases, high temperature, plentiful periods (during bleeding), tuberculosis, malignant new growths.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team