How to choose cream after suntan

How to choose cream after suntan

after suntan is capable to recover the skin overdried by the sun, to calm and moisten it. Besides correctly picked up cream will prevent peeling and will help to keep beautiful golden shade of the face and body. You can buy emulsion, cream-gel or milk - everything depends on specific features of skin and your preferences.


  1. Many girls unfairly neglect means after suntan. However these creams and gels are capable to minimize negative consequences from stay on the beach. Under the influence of the burning sun, salty water and wind, skin can dry up, be shelled and feel discomfort. The restoring cream after suntan will soften it, will remove irritations and reddenings, will help to be cooled after solar bathtubs.
  2. It is possible to buy cream after suntan in drugstore, cosmetic shop or even in supermarket. The popularity of brand and cost are not basic, worthy means can be found in any price range. Even the most plain cream will moisturize the skin and will take off unpleasant effects.
  3. If you want to achieve more considerable effect, choose creams of pharmaceutical brands. They are capable to cope with micro burns, to remove peeling and reddenings, to save from allergic rash. Besides these means deeply moisturize the skin, preventing dehydration and appearance of wrinkles.
  4. Estimate structure of means. The intensive restoring complex, panthenol, allantoin, extracts of seaweed and curative herbs can enter formula of creams. Creams after suntan do not contain acids, essential oils, parabens, alcohol and other components irritating the skin overdried by the sun. Many creams include the cooling components, for example, menthol or extract of aloe. It is very pleasant to use such means after the day spent on sun roast.
  5. Pay attention to texture of means. Usually creams after suntan very easy, semi-fluid. They do not demand rubbing in, are quickly absorbed and do not leave on body of cling film. You can choose liquid, gel or mussovy texture. Make sure that cream does not contain large number of fragrance. Good means has to have the unostentatious, quickly disappearing aroma.
  6. Choose convenient packing. It can be tube, bottle with spray or the doser. Soft tubas are especially practical - they allow to use means to last straw. Do not buy too big packings, it is inconvenient to take them on the beach. Remember that after opening cream needs to be used within 3 months.
  7. Having bought suitable cream, correctly apply it. Grease face and body after acceptance of solar bathtubs and before going to bed. Do not leave bottle with cream on bright sun. It is possible to store means and in the fridge, so it will pleasantly cool the excited skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team