How to choose cream against the first wrinkles

How to choose cream against the first wrinkles

Skin begins to grow old since 25, and after 30 on face mimic wrinkles already clearly are visible. At appropriate care the process of aging of epidermis can be slowed down and to postpone for a long time. But for this purpose it is necessary to make every effort.


1. At women the fear of aging is so big that they often begin to use cream from the first wrinkles when these wrinkles are not also in mention. Cosmetologists do not recommend to act this way as any, even natural means "disaccustoms" skin to be restored independently.

2. If epidermis has really lost freshness, then it is worth choosing cream from wrinkles according to your age. But it is not necessary to use product with Retinolum (vitamin A), ANA-acids, collagen – these ingredients are intended for mature skin with distinct traces of withering.

3. For girls of 25-30 years from the first wrinkles are shown cream on the basis of fruit acids. This ingredient renders effect of easy chemical peeling, well bleaches and helps to smooth mimic folds. Besides, fruit acids stimulate restoration of collagenic fibers, increasing barrier function of skin.

4. As the first wrinkles most often arise against the background of photoageing, it is necessary to choose cream with high protection against ultraviolet. On jar there has to be marking of SPF. For basic protection it is enough of 15-20 SPF. For thin sensitive skin the protection higher – 30-50 is necessary. It is worth remembering that use of means from wrinkles will not bring any result if not to protect epidermis from direct sunshine.

5. To suspend formation of wrinkles at least two creams – day with SPF and night, nutritious are necessary. Though if oily skin, it is possible to use the matting fluids in combination with cream from wrinkles. Anyway, care has to be comprehensive.

6. Choosing cream from the first wrinkles, you should not rely on responses of acquaintances or praise of selling assistants. Most eloquently will tell its structure about quality of product. Means which are on sale in salons and drugstores, most often, have the summary. It is not obligatory to know foreign language that to read it. Phrases "aloe belief", "vitamin C", "hyaluronic acid" can be understood even if they are written in English.

7. Important, on what place these ingredients are in the list. If on the 10-15th – contents them in cream is insignificant therefore you should not expect from this means of miracles. Such product just moisturizes the skin, but does not smooth wrinkle.

8. Being going to choose cream from wrinkles, you should not chase the high price. Averages at the price products sometimes work better, than expensive means.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team