How to choose cream for century

How to choose cream for century

The bustling working day following it saturated evening in the bosom of the family, solution of problems of members of household and, often, sleepless night. Similar cares can be even pleasant, here only consequences on the person – the swelled-up eyelids and dark shadows under eyes. Skin cream around eyes will help to solve problem, but it is necessary to know how it is correct to choose it.


1. For a start it is worth being defined what problem needs to be solved. So-called universal remedies will not yield desirable result unless slightly will moisturize eyelid skin.

2. To get rid of the temporary swellings and reddenings century connected with allergic reaction, antritis, cold konjyuktivity or syndrome of dry eyes, it is worth buying the cooling gel. Similar means is recommended to be used at any age to all who devote to work at the computer much time.

3. If the problem is aggravated with dark circles, care for eye area needs to be added with the clarifying cream with UV filters. It perfectly works at obezvozhennost and hyperpegmentation of skin. But if black shadows have appeared from behind problems with kidneys, it is necessary to solve problem from within, cream will not help here.

4. After 30 years when "goose pads" appear, it is worth choosing cream for century with antioxidants. That who smokes abuses alcohol and salty food, it is necessary to add external leaving with reception of polyvitaminic complex.

5. Against the background of hormonal aging or specific diseases the inflammation of fat layer under eyes begins. Thereof bags are formed. At their first manifestations it is recommended to begin to use the cream with powerful formula increasing elasticity of skin.

6. To choose optimum skin cream around eyes, it is necessary to know what has to be present at it and what availability of components is undesirable. For example, availability of vitamins E, With and To which promote deduction of moisture in fabrics, to increase in oxygen exchange in skin cells and to strengthening of vessels is always encouraged. These vitamins are antioxidants, i.e. do not allow free radicals to destroy structure of epidermis.

7. Such component as the hyaluronic acid intended for deep skin nourishment is highly appreciated. Availability in cream of galoksil speaks about ability of product to accelerate exchange of bulirubin and to interfere with emergence of dark circles. And if to choose cream for century with argireleny, it is possible to forget about Botox pricks. This component slightly freezes the nervous terminations, stopping mimicry and interfering with appearance of wrinkles. One more important ingredient is resveratrol which starts process of natural rejuvenation, for a long time delaying aging.

8. Choosing optimum care for eye area, it is worth taking care that in cream there was no caffeine and parabens. The first component though has effect of lifting, but dehydrates thin eyelid skin. And parabens lead to imbalance of hormones and can lead to skin cancer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team