How to choose dress for the first appointment

How to choose dress for the first appointment

first appointment is one of the moments in life of each girl, causing nervousness. In most cases development of the relations in the future will depend on it. Important several things: what to speak about how to construct conversation and in what to keep this appointment. The woman who needs to gain positive effect from this meeting needs to treat the choice of dress very responsibly.

The dress on the first appointment - sure bet since it is womanly and is very effective. The most important not to go too far in showiness and to choose it more modest. Dresses are evening, cocktail and daily. Dress for every day, as a rule, modest, not bright colors, and very convenient in carrying. Evening dresses are suitable for romantic dinners or celebrations more, and cocktail for parties, holidays and clubs. For the first appointment it is better to choose modest dress of pleasant tones.

If the girl has harmonious legs, then it is possible to choose length shorter, at the same time to stick to modesty style. The breast and hands have to be closed. The big magnificent breast precisely should be covered, otherwise the interlocutor will not have all evening on it eyes glued instead of conducting conversation with the woman. The superficial decollete and open hands, of course, are admissible, but then length of dress has to be below knees. It is possible to tell that this resistant rule is to open inadmissibly breast, hands and legs at the same time. It will look, maybe is sexual, but it is vulgar and indecent.

Color of dress is also important. To the woman as modest and not liking to draw a lot of attention, it is better to choose dark, strict tone. As a rule, perfectly will be suitable for gentle and open nature warm light or pastel tone. To emphasize the figure, it is better to put on the fitting dress since in it the woman will look sexually. If there are shortcomings, for example small tummy, then in this case choose dress of free cut which will be able ideally to hide these shortcomings.

To dress for romantic appointment it is the best of all to pick up shoes on heel or high boots. It will depend on weather conditions. If the range of footwear small, then classical black court shoes are ideal practically for any dress. Black shoes on heel will look strictly and attractively.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team