How to choose electric manicure set

How to choose electric manicure set

hands were always attention object. Well-groomed hands with accurate nails cause pleasant, valid impressions about the person. Equipment manufacturers for domestic needs facilitate task of care for nails, fingers of hands and legs both to men, and women.


  1. Choose the set suiting you on complete set. Fans, vacuum cleaners, ultra-violet lamps for gel drying can enter electric manicure sets. The nozzles made in the form of disks and rollers have different degree of rigidity and roughness.
  2. You do not chase set with large number (more than ten) nozzles. Half of these nozzles duplicate each other, and they do not differ in high quality. Set may contain the following nozzles: conic files for nails, for removal of callosities, disks for nails, for polish. Some sets contain cones for removal of skin on soles of legs, tips for removal of callosities and the grown nails.
  3. You look at quality of nozzles. If nozzles are made of soft steel, then tools quickly will become blunt. In cheap models of nozzle are loosened in grooves and become of little use for thin processing of nail plate. The sets with nozzles having sapphire or diamond dusting which does not wear out and does not injure skin of hands and nail are issued.
  4. Choose sets with big power of the motor and the number of revolutions per minute. In models from 1500 revolutions per minute at strong pressing artificial nail the machine will brake or stop - agnails will develop, during the work the vibration and unpleasant noise can appear. At the power more than 5 thousand turns of such troubles it does not happen.
  5. Do not choose the models working from accumulators. Capacity is enough for them for one manicure, for pedicure the device needs to be recharged.
  6. Pay attention to availability in the reverse device when the mill rotates in the direct and opposite parties that is very convenient at podpilivaniye of nails.
  7. Think before buying set what adjustment of speed approaches more - smooth or step. At smooth adjustment of speed it is possible to choose quickly the necessary speed for certain operation. However by accidental pressing the toggle-switch, at too high speed the disk can injure skin about nail plate.
  8. Decide on quality of electric set. In shops the wide range of the manicure sets having professional, semi-professional and household application is provided.
  9. Have patience and do not despair - from the first to master the device it turns out a little at whom. There can be small cuts and unevenly processed nails.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team