How to choose essential and cosmetic oil?

How to choose essential and cosmetic oil?

any girl cannot provide the daily leaving without cosmetic oil and also without fragrant essential oil. It is worth knowing what oils need to be used in personal care to solve many problems.

Essential oils

Oils of radio connections are biologically active agents which have resistant aroma. Such oils are not dissolved in water and have no color and also evaporate at the room temperature. Essential oils are added to bathtubs, cream and other cosmetic products. The main thing not to apply them to skin without addition of cosmetic oils and creams because it can lead to allergic reaction.

When choosing essential oil it is worth paying attention to its scope. For example, oils for aromatization of rooms are not suitable for addition in cosmetics at all.

Oils which it is possible are given below and it is necessary to add to cosmetics.

Tea tree. Such oil should be applied if it is necessary to remove pain or to disinfect skin. It can be applied on the inflamed sites of skin.

The bergamot helps at treatment of diseases of skin, possesses antifungal and antibacterial action and also does skin fresh and shining.

Grapefruit helps at hypostases and also at pains with temporal area.

The ylang-ylang supports the immune system.

The lavender accelerates healing of the damaged sites of skin, does it tightened and perfectly calms after unlucky day or stressful situations.

The lemon increases immunity.

Oils of ginger and juniper narrow skin pores.

Patchouli it is used for the fat and growing old skin care.

The fir is applied to fight against cellulitis.

The tangerine removes concern, splits fats and does pale skin more beautiful.

The sandal-wood tree calms nervous system, normalizes hormonal failures.

Cosmetic oils

Such oils are already ready to application for the purpose of the body care. They possess in different color and consistence depending on oil type. Cosmetic oils use for massage procedures, in the form of compresses for dry skin. They will not do much harm to skin around eyes and lips. Some of the most useful oils are almond oil and grape seed oil. They perfectly moisturize the skin and saturate it with vitamins.

Good cosmetic oils do not leave feeling of fat content. All oils and also the components entering them are made of plants.

Oils useful and irreplaceable thing in everyday skin and hair care therefore it is important to select oil carefully. Then it is possible to derive the maximum benefit from personal care.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team