How to choose for itself ideal hairstyle

How to choose for itself ideal hairstyle

Ideally picked up hairstyle is capable to hide some shortcomings of appearance, to make image harmonious. It is necessary to choose hairstyle considering shape of face, growth, the structure of figure.


  1. Define shape of the face. Get up in front of the mirror and circle with lipstick contour of reflection of the person. Take step back, look at what figure the contour is similar. It can be oval, circle, extended, the figure which is reminding heart or having square lines.
  2. Give preference to hairstyles from long and semi-long hair for round shape. Hair have to frame face, the magnificent bang can be straight line or braid. Full-faced women will not suit small curls and ultrashort hairstyles.
  3. Make hair volume if shape of your face extended. Perfectly wavy, magnificent curls will approach the extended face.
  4. Choose any hairstyle if you have oval face. It allows to experiment with laying, length of hair, volume. With such shape of face it is possible to carry direct, slanting, fragmentary bang, and it is possible to leave forehead open.
  5. Stop on long and wavy hair, at the shape of face reminding heart. To hair do not add volume better, make slanting bang, it will effectively look.
  6. Avoid direct caret and long hair in case the shape of face has square lines, such hairstyles emphasize angularity. Give preference to asymmetric hairstyles with fragmentary bang, to the extended hair with magnificent curls.
  7. Pay attention to constitution and growth. Tall thin women should not wear the hair long dismissed or smoothly combed, such hairstyles extend figure. Stop on soft curls length to shoulders, straight hair to chin with volume on nape. Brittle tiny ladies will perfectly look with short hairstyles, will be ideal for such figure of caret length slightly below than chin. Stout women of small growth should do volume hairstyles, various bunches, caret with magnificent bang and volume on nape. Women with forms will suit the hairstyles of average length laid deliberately carelessly and also accurate long curls.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team