How to choose foundation for problem skin

How to choose foundation for problem skin

who are disturbed by any problems with skin know, how difficult happens to disguise its defects. In such cases the tone means for problem skin developed by leading experts in the field of cosmetology come to the rescue.


  1. Such concept as problem skin is perceived by each girl in own way. For one is the person with excess hair, for another – the skin covered with pimples for the third – circles under eyes and enlarged pores. For this reason, choosing foundation, it is necessary to be based on specific defects of skin. If the defect is insignificant, it is possible to use the adjusting pencil.
  2. Tone means for problem skin differ from usual foundations in the structure. They contain special substances which fight against inflammatory processes on skin, or components with effect of lifting. – ability not only to mask the main advantage of foundation for problem skin, giving smoothness and dullness, but also to treat, improving color.
  3. In the modern market of cosmetics have not bad proved means of the Vichy brand. The adjusting pencil of this brand – Dermabland and also foundations for problem skin Vichy Norma Ton and Vichy Normatent is in great demand.
  4. At insignificant acne rashes effectively tone means of Eksofilak, the Merck mattifying cream and also cream with low-fat texture of Avene. Rozelyan – tone leaving from Biorga will be suitable for thin skin with reddenings . Also for concealment of heat-spots it is possible to use Easy emulsions of Kuvrans of oil-free from Avene or Green-beige pencil of Klinans. This means has dual action: green half visually eliminates reddenings and has keratolytic effect, and beige completes masking.
  5. It is better for owners of brittle skin through which the capillary network looks through to use the tone means not only creating visibility of healthy skin, but also possessing medical action, for example, Fotoderm AR SPF 50 cream. Such creams are applied to skin or after is the main remedy, or on the purified skin is put and will be absorbed.
  6. Sometimes even the young face looks imperfect due to the lack of equal shade of skin. To solve this problem and to correct shortcoming, the Vichi laboratory has released the tinting emulsion Oligo 25. Manganese and reflective particles which create effect of the shining skin are its part.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team