How to choose gigenichesky lipstick

How to choose gigenichesky lipstick

and cracking, solar burns and crusting – the main problems of sensitive skin of lips. Thanks to regular putting hygienic lipstick or lip balm it is possible to protect them from influence of harmful environmental conditions. The main thing that as a part of this cosmetic product there was no paraffin, vaseline and silicone oil interfering penetration of nutrients into skin.

Prescribing of hygienic lipstick, its useful structure

The name of hygienic lipstick speaks for itself – it cosmetic is intended for lip care. It is not exclusively female product – both men, and children as gentle skin of lips requires care irrespective of sex and age of the person can use it. Forming invisible protective film, hygienic lipstick creates obstacles to moisture loss, humidifies and feeds lips.

Hygienic lipsticks intend not only for moistening of lips. Some lipsticks have medicinal properties and help to struggle with herpes, stomatitis and heylity.

Thanks to presence at its structure of various natural components, protective properties of lipstick considerably improve. In it there is a lot of useful substances, but practically each cosmetic product irrespective of the producer which has released it contains the vitamins moisturizing and fat components, sun-protection filters and extracts of herbs in the structure.

When choosing hygienic lipstick it is necessary to pay attention whether there are in its structure vaseline and paraffin – the oil processing products dangerous by occlusion. The cosmetics made on the basis of these connections do not allow moisture to evaporate, and to skin – to breathe. Therefore it is better to choose the lipstick containing wax – it maintains water-in-oil balance of gentle skin of lips normal.

Wishing to prolong expiration date of hygienic lipsticks, some producers include silicone oil in their structure. But it covers lips with dense film and does not allow to get to the nutritious and moisturizing substances into skin.

The choice of hygienic lipstick taking into account season

Despite universality of hygienic conditioning agents behind lips, it is necessary to know some features of their use as at different times years of lip are affected by ultra-violet radiation to a greater or lesser extent. For example, in summertime of lip it is necessary to humidify with sun-protection hygienic lipstick with SPF factor not less than 15, is possible more. In early autumn when the sun already becomes more sparing, for lip care it is necessary to buy lipstick, at the same time both moistening, and feeding them. So during the fall they will gradually be prepared for severe weather conditions in winter time with which arrival lipstick is replaced again. Now at its structure there have to be natural oils of avocado, cocoa, the carriage. Considering that snow is the excellent reflector of ultraviolet rays, it is necessary to pay attention whether there are as a part of nutritious lipstick sun-protection components. With approach of spring when the organism suffers shortage of vitamins, on the lips which have dried up from influence of heating batteries and heaters there are cracks and perleches. Polyvitaminic complexes will help to fill lack of useful substances to organism, and to return beauty to lips – the vitaminized lipsticks with the content of vegetable oils, extracts of camomile or calendula and also A, E, C vitamins.

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