How to choose glue for false eyelashes

How to choose glue for false eyelashes

Successful and permanent fixing of false eyelashes directly depends on glue which is used for this procedure. Therefore it is necessary to choose such glue very attentively, carefully being guided in the wide assortment offered by the modern market.

We choose glue

First of all it is necessary to decide on necessary shade of glue which is provided in black and transparent option. The black shade gives to black eyelashes the additional volume and brightness whereas the transparent glue used when fixing black false eyelashes gives them more natural look. Besides, transparent shade of glue often use for gluing decorative rhinestone and color eyelashes.

Fresh glue with transparent texture has to remain transparent even after full drying – same concerns also black glue which has to keep the black shade.

When choosing glue for false eyelashes surely get acquainted with its expiration date, date of production and structure. Pay special attention to availability in these cosmetic products of such dangerous substances as formaldehydes – they can damage to gentle eyelid skin and cause allergic reactions. Besides, it is desirable to ask for the seller the certificate of quality on the acquired glue – so you will insure yourself from low-quality or counterfeit products.

Glue use

Glue for false eyelashes has different consistence. In wide assortment of these cosmetic products it is often possible to meet rather viscous glue which is visually similar to pitch. You should not get it as it is imposed by exclusively thick layer, it is inclined to knocking down in not esthetic lumps and very long dries.

Use glue of exclusively liquid consistence which is easily imposed and quickly dries.

Increasing eyelashes, you watch that glue has not got on skin or mucous membrane of eye at all – it can provoke strong allergic reaction. Skilled masters recommend to take care before the procedure of training of debonder with the sparing structure with which it will be possible to remove glue quickly. In the course of building the gluing means needs to be applied only on eyelash and in the minimum quantity – at the same time to glue eyelashes on eyelid skin inadmissibly. The glue expiration date for false eyelashes usually makes from six to ten months. The unpacked tube can be stored in the fridge no more than two-four months. Before use glue needs to be got from the fridge for hour prior to procedure that it has heated up and has softened. After use the neck of tube needs to be cleaned from droplets of glue and to twirl strong cover before the following application.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team