How to choose good shampoo

How to choose good shampoo

The range of shampoos in shops is designed to satisfy the most exacting taste. However many consumers complain that they cannot choose for themselves ideal means. How to make right choice and not to regret about purchase?


  1. Decide what shampoo is necessary for you. There are soft means for daily washing or deep cleansing, the medicines solving local problems like seborrhea and also the shampoos intended for different types of hair.
  2. Read the structure of means specified on the label. The shampoos enriched with vitamins and amino acids thin will be suitable for dry hair and rare silicones, and weak and splitting – lipids and ceramides will be required. Estimate aroma and consistence of means. Consider that the koncentrirovanny shampoo, the more slowly it is spent. Too liquid means will end very quickly.
  3. If you have tendency to allergy, choose colourless shampoos with the minimum quantity of fragrances. Consider that vegetable components can be allergens too. Address to drugstore - there to you can pick up suitable means. In drugstore it is worth looking for also medicines for treatment of problem hair and head skin.
  4. Do not buy means "2 in 1", pick up in couple to shampoo good hair balm better. Combination of two products rolled into one weakens action of each of them. As a result you can receive not too well washed up hair with the dry ends.
  5. You are interested in organic products? Look for the sign of the international certification on bottle. If it is absent, consider that in this case mark of Biot in the name of means – only marketing mix of the producer.
  6. If you do not suit usual shampoos from supermarkets and perfumery shops, try to pick up suitable product in hairdresser's salon. Stylists will prompt what means will be suitable for your hairstyle and will show its action on your hair. If the result suits you, you can get the pleasant means immediately or address to specialized shop for hairdressers. There purchase will cost cheaper.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team