How to choose good sunbed

How to choose good sunbed

suntanned skin became very popular, on it shortcomings are visible less, you seem more harmonious. Not all have opportunity to constantly visit tropical countries to receive natural suntan, and use of special napkins and spray carries short-term effect and means not always evenly is distributed.


  1. Now sunbeds are very widespread, and they can be met almost in any beauty shop. Distinguish vertical and horizontal. In each of them there are pluses and minuses. In the first case suntan more uniform, and you can accept any comfortable position and it is more hygienic, and in the second - it is possible to relax and have a rest quietly during the session.
  2. The price of this procedure is specified in one minute, and already general time is chosen independently. There are rules to which it is worth adhering at sessions. They differ as skin: with light it is necessary to begin from 4 minutes, gradually increasing time up to 10 minutes, more suntanned can increase time at once, but anyway one procedure should not exceed 15 minutes and pass not more often than 3 times a week. At the first visit the administrator or the person responsible for sunbed has to explain you all this.
  3. To choose good sunbed, it is worth looking at technical documentation, to read data on the used lamps, the possible power of the cabin. Lamps are obliged to change in due time if not to make it, then they not only that are inefficient, so still can do harm the radiation. If do not provide you information requested by you, you should not risk, and it is better to choose some other salon.
  4. There are places where specialize in sunbeds - so-called tanning studios. Usually they have higher price, but most often there monitor timely replacement of details better.
  5. It is worth paying attention to disinfection of cabin after use, especially it concerns horizontal sunbed, at bad processing it is possible to catch any skin disease. If in sunbed big turn where people come one after another and nobody behind them processes anything, you should not risk.
  6. At visit of sunbed it is worth using special creams which you can buy on the place or bring with itself. It should be taken into account that usual sun-protection means do not approach since in sunbed there is no ultra-violet radiation.
  7. It is worth taking care of disposable means of protection of sensitive places also: area of bikini, breast, eyes. In some salons such sets are given free of charge, in others - it is necessary to get in addition.
  8. Many sunbeds are equipped with the additional system of blowing that does the procedure of more comfortable - not so hot. There are cabins with the built-in music which entertains during the session.
  9. Anyway when choosing sunbed it is worth paying attention and to the room in which there are cabins. If it is any cellar in which normal repair is not made, then, most likely, have saved also on the equipment, and it can lead to bad consequences.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team