How to choose lifting cream

How to choose lifting cream

Now cosmetologists have invented set of ways of fight against age changes. The safest doctors call lifting cream. It works, revitalizing integuments of the person, feeding and humidifying.

It is required to you

  • Magazines of the leading cosmetic companies, consultation with the specialist cosmetologist.


1. In order that it is correct to choose lifting cream, it is necessary to remember that a lot of things depend on regularity of use of cosmetics and condition of skin here. For example, if face skin well-groomed, then is able to help application of any qualitative means about lifting effect. However, cream needs to be chosen taking into account type of skin and age. As alignment of small wrinkles happens to the help of regular cleanings, food, moistening and protection. If skin was left long time without necessary leaving, then processes of withering were already started. To put in that case skin in order, use lifting cream with short-term effect or instant action will be not enough.

2. All lifting cosmetics conditionally is divided into two big categories: intensive moistening and peeling of the died-off skin scales and also stimulation of production of fibers for own collagen. It is the best of all if lifting cream unites these two effects. Such structure will help not only to tighten skin and to narrow pores, but also to improve complexion. Besides, means are divided also into day and night care. The assortment ruler is provided in the form of creams, gels and masks.

3. To decide on the choice of cream according to skin type, the specialist cosmetologist can help. However, cosmetics which are on sale in all shops such as Garnier, have universal structure which can be suitable for most of consumers.

4. Experts also warn that each chosen cream of new firm needs to be tested at first on emergence of allergic reactions. For this purpose the cosmetic sampler is at first got. On the Internet, negative reviews of consumers on emergence from the use of means of reddenings, irritations and other troubles often meet. However, it can be normal reaction of skin to use of new means. Each organism is unique therefore such reactions can be just individual.

5. Especially carefully it is necessary to choose lifting cream for breast and century. As skin is in these parts most sensitive. Therefore nevertheless before giving to the skin the second youth, it is necessary to consult with the expert in advance.

6. Extra care it is necessary to show at selection lifting of cream for century and breasts, skin in these zones very gentle and sensitive. Present to the skin the second youth! Use of cosmetics with the tightening effect was included into everyday life of huge number of women. Regular use lifting creams in combination with other cosmetology procedures actively helps to delay processes of natural withering of skin, these means not only considerably improve appearance of skin, but also correctly look after it.

7. Application lifting creams is necessary for basic withering skin care. After 40 flyings it needs from the outside the help which helps to fight against violation of water balance, restoration of the collapsing collagen, elastin, lifting of face muscles and increase in the general tone. To the young skin capable to independently produce necessary substances and to support tone, use of similar means can only do much harm: it can relax as all necessary work for it was already performed.

8. Cream lifting for the person is applied on the prepared integuments. For a start it is necessary to wipe face with the cleaning milk, and then tonic. Cream should be applied along massage lines with easy movements. Only the thin layer will be required. Well after drawing to lie down 15 minutes. Optimum - to use cream about lifting by effect daily, at the same time the considerable visible result comes, only 3–4 weeks later.

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