How to choose make-up to match of eyes

How to choose make-up to match of eyes

Beginning to impose make-up, it is necessary to remember expressiveness of eyes. By means of decorative cosmetics it is possible or to help itself, having emphasized them, or to do much harm. For this reason it is necessary to know how it is correct to allocate eyes.

Concepts of color circle and combination of flowers are known to makeup artists. Moreover, it is clear that if to arrange row contrast colors, they will emphasize with each other, having made more brightly.

Role of color

Before beginning to list colors, once you consider that using on mobile part of age of color, such, on the iris, it is possible to make it less bright. Thus, eye will fade. If it is from below during century, then the iris, on the contrary, will become brighter.

Creating make-up under color of eyes it is necessary to consider the following: 1. Green-eyed can approach black, brown and practically all existing shades gray, since light, finishing with color of coal. Different shades of violet will perfectly look: starting with reddish and lilac, finishing cornflower-blue and lavender. The emerald shade can be received, using shadows of color of copper with red outflow, dark shades violet, blue or terracotta. It is better not to use bright red. 2. Brown-eyed different shades of violet will approach: starting with lilac and violet, finishing cornflower-blue and lilac. Well different shades blue and blue look. It is possible to force eyes to shine, using apricot, peach, golden or silvery shades. At the same time the basis under make-up of eye.3 is important. Blue color of eyes can be emphasized brown, golden, bronze or peach. Not bad looks marsh, gray, pink, plum and lilac. Beautifully all reddish shades look: since light yellow, finishing with rust or saturated and copper. 4. Girls with gray iris were lucky most of all, to them there is practically any color. It is known what gray is considered neutral. It is necessary that such colors just were without excesses. It is possible to emphasize favourably color, using silvery and steel shades.


It is desirable to choose make-up under eye shape to receive ideal result. It should be taken into account some moments: 1. If corners fall a little, just it is necessary to shade arrow on upper part of century which reaches closer for temple.2. When the eyelid from above slightly hangs, it is necessary to utemnit a little fold in mobile eyelid.3. It is possible to bring together too widely located eyes, having darkened internal part of eyelid.4. Too close arrangement of eyes can be removed a little from each other, having shaded shadows on external corner of eye.5. You should not circle round eyes on contour. They can be extended slightly, using arrow which will go a little beyond outer edges. Using all these receptions, it is possible to give to eyes of bigger depth and expressiveness.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team