How to choose massage cream

How to choose massage cream

Success of the procedure of massage depends not only on skillful hands and professionalism of the master, but also on the choice of suitable cream. Many consider that for achievement of good effect it is enough to use any massage oil or usual children's cream which provides possibility of sliding. However it not absolutely so. Different types of massage make different impact on organism therefore for each of them cream has to be special.

Choice of cream for classical massage

The classical type of massage is used most often. Besides stress relief and excellent relaxation it gives great health, increases elasticity of skin and tone of muscles. Complex cream which contains vitamins A, In, E and Page best of all will be suitable for this massage. They well influence condition of integument, rendering the strengthening, rejuvenating, regenerating effect.

Besides, it is necessary to choose classical massage cream taking into account condition of your skin. For example, if your skin dry, is recommended to apply massage creams as a part of which there are nutritious and moisturizing components. It is beeswax, lanolin, base oils (for example, peach). As a rule, such cream quite fat, but at massage it well slides on skin and is absorbed in it.

If you possess the sensitive skin inclined to irritations, choose massage cream which part the calming, anti-inflammatory and healing components - for example are extract of camomile, celandine, tea tree oil. Often classical massage is used as effective and fast way to eliminate tension and it is good to relax. In that case you will achieve the best effect if you choose cream at the heart of which there are essential oils, such as cedar, juniper, ginger. Whatever massage cream you have chosen, pay special attention that it should not spread well slide, have pleasant aroma. Such cosmetic will be suitable for owners inclined to fat content and normal skin. Sometimes classical massage is the most available and fast way to eliminate painful feelings in muscles or joints. In this case the anti-inflammatory and anesthetizing components have to be part of cream. It can be mummy, extract of marsh sabelnik, snake and bee poisons.

Choice of cream for anti-cellulite massage

The type of massage which is directed to correction of figure, fight against excess weight, disposal of cellulitis is not less popular. Here it is especially important to choose the most suitable cream as the result in many respects depends on it. Have perfectly proved massage cream with the warming effect. Such means strengthen blood circulation in problem places, accelerate exchange processes and promote destruction of fat cages. Usually the carnation, extract of burning pepper, cinnamon oil, menthol is part of similar creams. Except these components, ingredients which promote elimination of hypostases can be part of anti-cellulite cream and render drainage effect. It is honey, laminaria extract, sea salt, coffee extract. It is not less important that after anti-cellulite massage skin has not lost elasticity and has not drooped, and therefore cream for this procedure has to contain the components strengthening integument. It is stearin, lactic acid, vitamin E.

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