How to choose means for bleaching of teeth in house conditions

How to choose means for bleaching of teeth in house conditions

of carefully and regularly you did not brush teeth, the yellowish raid all the same does not leave anywhere. Reasons for that set: love for coffee, tea, cigarettes, sweet, natural yellowish pigmentation of enamel, surplus in organism of such substances as tetracycline, fluorine and its connections. It is possible to bleach teeth and in house conditions, the main thing, it is correct to choose means.

Among means of bleaching of teeth in house conditions is as industrial medicines – special pastes, creams, gels, caps and so forth, so folk remedies. It is just worth beginning with the last – they more available and can be effective.

Natural means of bleaching

Baking soda: this unique substance can find many applications, including it helps to bleach teeth. This simple and economic means quickly improves color of enamel. It is the simplest to add soda to toothpaste and to brush teeth in the usual mode. So what do you do not gain instant effect, but will gradually achieve whiteness. The lack of this method is that small grains can harm enamel therefore you should not use soda constantly.

Hydrogen peroxide: this means is practically in each house first-aid kit. The main danger at its application – burn of gums. Therefore it is worth using peroxide with care. The effect will be visible in 10-14 days. Every time after toothbrushing wipe enamel with the cotton tampon moistened with hydrogen peroxide. After that the mouth needs to be rinsed warm water. Strawberry: this tasty berry contains the bleaching substances. It can become excellent face pack and means of bleaching of teeth. It is possible to wipe with the cut berry teeth, and it is possible to make of strawberry of puree and to impose as mask on enamel. After that rinse mouth and clean teeth with sacchariferous paste.

Special means of bleaching of teeth in house conditions

The bleaching strips: these are special strips on which the structure is caused, lightening enamel. If it is necessary, online it is possible to find also option for sensitive teeth. Strips need to be pasted to enamel every day for 30 minutes. In month your teeth will brighten on 2-3 tones. Strips are different – absolutely simple and improved in which it is possible to talk. The bleaching gels: they are applied on teeth and rush under the special caps executed by the individual order. Therefore before the procedure of bleaching the visit to the stomatologist is inevitable. The doctor will make the conclusion and will choose for you the most effective and sparing system of bleaching of teeth. Perhaps, for someone it is troublesome and is not cheap. But there is also portable kind of this means – the bleaching pencil. Gel from pencil is applied with special brush on teeth and after a while is removed. There are types of gel pencil which do not demand removal. By means of this means will well move away raid from kofea of cigarettes. It is convenient on holiday and business trips.

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