How to choose means for chemical hairdressing

How to choose means for chemical hairdressing

Curlies and curls - dream of many women. But the nature has awarded not all with curly hair. If you were not lucky, it is possible to try it to correct, the benefit of means for wave is enough today.

It is required to you

  • - consultation of the expert;
  • - carrying out allergoproba.


  1. Choosing means for chemical wave decide on its type. The type of wave and way of its performance will depend on it. If you find it difficult to choose independently suitable means, address professionals in beauty shop or hairdressing salon. To you will make recommendations according to your desires and type of your hair. The chemical wave in house conditions threatens with number of complications. In case of the wrong performance it is possible to spoil hair, to overdo and lose part of locks or just not to achieve desirable result.
  2. Consider that alkaline wave very resistant. It strongly fixes curls of all types of hair. But harm which it does to hair, very notable. And you should restore the received curls long then. The acid wave, unlike the first, works much more softly, but also her firmness is short-lived. Such wave will be advised for for thin and not really healthy hair.
  3. The neutral wave has incorporated all merits of the previous types. It equally influences all sites of hair. Besides, its action very soft both on hair, and on head skin. And the most progressive type of wave is amino-acid. Amino acids which contain in structure for wave get in hair during the procedure that helps their early recovery. Also wave very soft and resistant.
  4. If you have decided to make chemistry independently in house conditions, use the help of girlfriends or relatives. To cause structure and it is correct to wind curls on koklyushka or hair curlers not so simply. Consider that during turning of hair on hair curlers to receive curls, tips of hair need to be protected paper. Before the procedure surely carry out the test for allergic reaction. For this purpose apply small amount of ready structure to skin behind auricle. If in 10 minutes no reactions in the form of burning, bubbles and burns were shown, then means can be used. In avoidance of unpleasant outcome, strictly follow the instruction.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team