How to choose medical shampoo

How to choose medical shampoo

Itch, reddening of head skin and dandruff – not the best company. If usual shampoo does not help, it is necessary to think of the choice of medicine for head skin. But how it is correct to make it and whether it is necessary?

Shampoo from dandruff

Dandruff – head skin disease as a result of which white flaked scales appear. It should be noted what the reasons dandruff can have a little: beginning from stress and change of hormonal background of organism, finishing with incorrectly picked up cosmetic shampoo. Remember that before running in drugstore behind special remedy, it is necessary to understand the reasons of appearance of dandruff. Perhaps, everything not so terribly and it is possible to do without heavy artillery.

If after washing of the head you the itch is felt, and dandruff develops right after that as hair dry, perhaps, you just do not suit shampoo. Try to replace it. Today there is large amount of the various cosmetic shampoos from dandruff designed for constant application. The substances which are contained in them eliminate the naggers and calm head skin, however, often render only temporary effect. At use termination the dandruff returns. Also it is worth waiting for instant effect of new shampoo on – your skin needs some time for restoration. If through 3-4 times after regular application the new means continues to cause irritation, it makes sense to address for consultation the dermatologist.

Shampoo from seborrhea

Now about dandruff which is caused by the fungus living on head skin. Usual cosmetics do not destroy it therefore it makes sense to buy special medical shampoo in drugstore. Such shampoos are used instead of hygienic, however for a long time are not intended for constant application. As well as any medicine, it is necessary to use them it is dosed also according to the instruction. As a rule, medical shampoos from seborrhea reduce quantity of fungus on head skin, reduce release of skin fat and also interfere with excessive cell fission and reduce peeling. Pay attention to composition of shampoo, at it there have to be components fighting against fungus: ketokonazol, tsiklopiroks, klimbazol, oktopiroks, selenium sulfide or pirition zinc. In many medical shampoos the complex from several active ingredients is applied that enhances effect. Besides, shampoo from seborrheal dermatitis has to contain sulfur, tar, salicylic acid or Ichthyol which update skin cells of hair and promote their normal peeling.

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