How to choose mineral powder

How to choose mineral powder

powder is in high demand, thanks to the masking and medicinal properties. It helps to struggle with acne rash, violation of water balance of epithelium, excessive fat content or dryness of skin and also many other problems effectively.


  1. Choosing such means, it is necessary to pay attention to its structure first of all. Unfortunately, the high popularity of mineral powder has led to the fact that many producers began to spoil such cosmetics the low-quality synthetic additives nullifying all its useful properties.
  2. Pay attention to availability of the main components providing good effect when using mineral powder. It is about kaolin, aluminosilicates, iron oxide, mica, boron nitride, quartz, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide.
  3. If you want to buy powder of the highest class and are ready to pay dearly for such cosmetics, pay attention to means which part rhodochrosite, diamond powder, amethyst, malachite is. Thanks to the careful choice of minerals and special manufacturing techniques the producers manage to produce powder which really does skin equal, gentle and smooth. Moreover, beauty of face will be saved afterwards and without powder as eels will gradually disappear together with greasy luster, and the shade will be leveled.
  4. Estimate structure of means, having paid attention and to those substances which in it should not be. In reliable, quality mineral powder there should not be abundance of the synthetic components weakening useful properties of this cosmetics. In particular, it is undesirable that in structure fragrances, dyes, silicone, alcohol, paraben, sulfates, wax, talc have been specified.
  5. Remember that quality mineral powder cannot cost little already because the natural components which are its part are expensive. Its cost averages 40-100 euros. If you have found in shop such cosmetics for 5-10 euros, be sure that you have faced fake.
  6. Surely consider the type of skin when choosing mineral powder. Certainly, it is cosmetics of very high quality, however and it can do much harm if to buy improper means. In lines of the best producers, as a rule, there are special options of powder for owners of dry and oily skin. However, there are also firms which offer universal powder, however before buying similar means, it is worth studying information on it including specified on packing or on the website of the company in more detail.
  7. Shades of mineral powder can be different. Not to be mistaken and to buy means which will not approach color of your person at all test cosmetics at natural lighting.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team