How to choose nail varnish

How to choose nail varnish

Well-groomed hands, faultless manicure – subject of special pride of any woman. Not for nothing say: "It is fine completely". Qualitative manicure assumes the quality varnish which is ideally lying on nail. As from all variety which is offered today by producers of varnishes to choose the best product, sometimes it is represented difficult task. But it only at first sight so.


1. First of all, pay attention to bottle form. If it is too intricate, there is chance that varnish it will be non-uniform to be distributed on bubble volume. It is fraught with uneven coloring of nail. The best form of bottle for varnish is cylindrical.

2. Attentively read structure. Such components as butyl and ethyl alcohol, difutilftalat or castor oil, silicon acids or betonites are responsible for quality of varnish. Availability of these components will make behavior of varnish on nail predictable: it will be put exactly and easily, long to keep, to dry quickly.

3. Choose varnish, being guided by structure of own nail. "Ribbing" of nail will be more will emphasized by nacreous varnishes, and bright or dark varnishes will present short roundish nails in very unprofitable light.

4. By all means pay attention to brush. At good varnish it not too rigid is also made of fibers of different length. If to put the "correct" brush on nail, then the edge of its pile completely will repeat nail hole relief.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team