How to choose night dry skin cream

How to choose night dry skin cream

Dry skin is very delicate and demands careful leaving. It does not transfer washing with soap, and even from plain water you can have feeling of tightness. To restore water balance and to help skin to look healthy and also to keep her youth for long time, choose for yourself night cream.


1. In shop or drugstore of means for dry skin sign as appropriate. Take jar and study the label. At good night cream there have to be such substances as collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, various vegetable fats – almonds oils, jojoba, the carriage, roses. For the dry skin inclined to inflammation, it is worth looking for night cream which composition has included the substances calming skin – camomile, calendula.

2. Among ingredients of many creams for dry skin there is glycerin. This substance causes feeling of fat film on face. If you prefer quickly absorbed means, it is better to look for cream without it.

3. Brittle dry skin is inclined to earlier developing of wrinkles. Most of women aim to delay this moment, getting means against aging. It is the wrong approach to care for skin. If you the young girl, and the first wrinkles have not appeared at you on face yet, choose quality night dry skin cream from youth series, and you will achieve the necessary effect.

4. The smell of night cream has to be pleasant to you, cause pleasant associations, otherwise means simply will not work on you properly. If you have found night cream, ideal on the structure, but its aroma is unpleasant to you, can try to add several drops of essential oil to jar. Or move off in searches of other means.

5. Packing also matters. When you take cream from jar, you can bring bacteria in means because of what it will quickly deteriorate. If night cream is stored in tube, then the direct contact with hands does not happen, and means will serve to you longer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team