How to choose oily skin cream for the winter

How to choose oily skin cream for the winter

For a long time the myth is discredited that fat epidermis does not need moistening. Without replenishment of moisture of problems with skin will become even more as, trying to fill balance, it will produce even more fat. Food is necessary for fat epidermis to counterbalance lipidic exchange. And problem skin cream during the winter period has the features.


1. Owners of oily skin prefer to use cream fluid or water-based serum. For flying it is the fine choice, but in the winter these means can give unexpected effect. The minimum quantity (in fluid) or total absence (in serum) fats, leads to the fact that skin remains without protective film. Therefore the face quite often is weather-beaten, grows coarse, becomes covered by vascular reticulum.

2. Exits a little. Or to choose oily skin cream for the winter with the minimum quantity of fats and to put over it other means which forms protective film. It can be special winter serum which indoors needs to be washed away. Or the light foundation setting effect of use of fluid. Anyway, the make-up will not damage in the winter as carries out not only decorative, but also barrier function. Naturally, tone means have to be picked up according to requirements of problem epidermis.

3. Special attention needs to be paid to the choice of day means for oily skin. It can be cream-gel with light structure. It needs to be put on massage lines at least in 40 minutes prior to exit to frosty air. If there is no such opportunity, it is better to miss this procedure. The fact is that not to the street cream, evaporating, begins to freeze that can lead to local frostbite of face skin.

4. Aiming to choose oily skin cream for the winter, it is necessary to study structure of product attentively. For example, caffeine which is not recommended to dry epidermis is very useful to problem skin. It promotes narrowing of time and prevents appearance of comedones. Benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid and niatsinamid will help to struggle with pink pimples. And vitamin A and sulfur remove inflammation in more deep skin layers.

5. Correctly to apply problem skin cream during the winter period, it is worth being guided by the motto – better less, but of higher quality. Therefore it is necessary to take finger-tip or special shovel a little cream, to slightly pound it between palms and just to clap itself on cheeks, forehead, chin and neck. By the way, at very oily skin the T-zone can be not touched, but then it is obligatory to put tone means on face.

6. Oily skin cream will be more effective in the winter if fruit acids are its part. They not only moisten epidermis, but also have properties of peeling. As during exacerbation of acne rash it is not recommended to process oily skin srub in order to avoid separation of infection, fruit acids will be as it is impossible by the way.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team