How to choose paint for clarification of hair

How to choose paint for clarification of hair

In XX Merlyn Monro has brought into fashion dazzling blond. Millions of girls have around the world started imitating the idol and to clarify hair. The Hollywood beauties - Sharon Stone, Pamela Anderson, Madonna, Uma Thurman support general hobby for light curls and inspire women to be recoloured in blondes.


  1. Not all are able to clarify competently hair, to receive beautiful shade, and at the same time not to spoil hair. Emergence of undesirable yellowness right after coloring or in week after it, perepalenny and dry curls, too dark roots kill all desires to experiment and frighten women. If you have decided to clarify hair, attentively approach the paint choice. Give preference to professional brands, long ago well proved in business. Except dye, they usually contain the components helping not to spoil hair in the course of coloring. Loreal Professionel, Matrix, Paul Mitchell, Gold Well, Wella, Bess were highly appreciated by hairdressers and their happy clients for a long time. When choosing paint be not guided by the picture on box, it can differ from expected results very strongly. Look at palette in special album better.
  2. It is impossible to clarify hair and to receive beautiful blond without knowing elementary rules of coloring and technology of coloring. Even if you buy the most expensive paint, most likely the result will strongly disappoint you. If you want to clarify hair more than on one tone, do not even hope to make it for once and at the same time not to spoil hair. In that case you should clarify at first hair special powder, and already then to tint them. Otherwise yellow, or it is even worse not to avoid greenish and red shade of hair to you.
  3. It is the best of all to carry out clarification for 6% oxidizer. For a start visually divide hair into three parts – the grown root, the middle and the ends. Apply on hair structure in the ratio powder: oxidizer – 1 to 2, also maintain at most forty minutes. Optimum time will depend on condition of hair, initial and desirable color. Wash away structure special without sulphatic shampoo, without use of the conditioner. Perhaps it is required to repeat the procedure once again. In that case cause structure once again only on length, avoiding root, and sustain 20 more minutes. As a result of such clarification you can receive two options – or the hair color will be yellow, or orange. Be not frightened, you have not finished yet. Now you will tint hair. Remember the basic rule: yellow is neutralized by the blue proofreader, orange – ashy. Paint after clarification is mixed from 3% oxidizer and applied on all length at once and slightly made foam. Hold 20 minutes. If all of you have made correctly with respect for technology, the result will please you.
  4. You should not try to clarify hair if they are strongly dry and fragile. You risk to be left almost without hair. Besides porous hair a little differently absorb paint. At first recover hair by means of competent leaving, food and vitamins. In certain cases, especially lifeless curls should be sheared, and already then to start coloring. Even do not try to clarify hair during critical days or pregnancy. Changes in hormonal background will bring you unpredictable result.
  5. Remember that the blonde to be expensive. The clarified hair require care, it is more than any other. It is obligatory to buy special shampoo and balm for maintaining color. Professional brands have series of the means intended to blondes. Proofreaders of color who are capable to struggle with yellowness and washing away of paint are their part. Use not aggressive, and it is better without sulphatic shampoo, and nutritious mask for hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team