How to choose pimples medicine

How to choose pimples medicine

On counters of drugstores and shops now wide choice of medicines which help to eliminate pimples. Quite often there is difficult question to what means to give the preference. There are several useful recommendations which will help you when choosing medicine.

Medicine testing

It is necessary to remember that before application of any means from pimples it is necessary to carry out the test for shipping of components on the small site of skin. This results from the fact that many medicines can cause allergic reaction. For testing rather small amount of means to apply on elbow bend. If within a day you do not feel the naggers, burning and do not observe reddening, medicine can be applied. In the return case it is necessary to refuse use of this means.

Observance of instructions

That medicine really brought benefit, it is necessary to observe the offered application interval. Otherwise over time means will cease to render any effect. In this case experts recommend to replace means.

Complex treatment

One of rules of successful treatment of acne rash and pimples is that it is impossible to place emphasis on monotherapy. Experts recommend to approach problem in a complex.

The course of your treatment has to include not only various medicines, but also various minor procedures for improvement: clarification of integument, healthy food, refusal of addictions, etc.

The recommended means

Benzilbenzonat. Medicine which is produced in the form of cream. It is necessary to apply it directly on integument. Benzilbenzonat apply at demodicosis, red eels.

This medicine is strictly forbidden to apply during breastfeeding and pregnancy.

Erythromycin. Well medicines which contain antibiotics help. They possess good antibacterial action. Such medicines conduct active fight against pathogenic bacteria and microbes. Metronidazole. It is recommended to use medicine from pimples not in the form of tablets, and in consistence of gel. It is necessary to process the inflamed heat-spots on 2-3 times a day. Helicobacter pylori. This medicine is applied when certain bacteria of Helicobacter pylori IgG have served as the cause of pimples. As the environment of their dwelling serves the stomach. If as the cause of pimples serve problems with digestive tract, experts appoint "Hilak forte", "Linex". Before use of medicines surely consult with the attending physician or the expert. Only after full inspection it is possible to establish the cause of pimples.

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