How to choose scissors for hairstyle

How to choose scissors for hairstyle

The result of work of the hairdresser depends not only on that, how correctly it has executed the client's wishes. Scissors by means of which the master has made hairstyle have important value. Correctly to choose the hairdresser's tool, it is necessary to look narrowly at the offered options attentively.


  1. Pick up scissors, turn them, make several cutting movements. You should not feel discomfort, you will need to use them the whole day. Check, the handle is how convenient. So, for example, the displaced form removes stress from fingers and wrist better, than classical. Some producers produce models with special emphasis for little finger that gives additional convenience during hairstyle. It is good if replaceable inserts for rings also are included in the package, it will help to reduce if necessary their size and to protect fingers of hands from friction about metal.
  2. Specify at the seller of what material scissors are made. Tools from hydrocarbon steel which hardness has to be from 58 to 62 HRC are the best (these are units of measure on Rockwell's scale). If the indicator is above this value, scissors will become very brittle. Often producers in addition include in alloy vanadium, tungsten or molybdenum for increase in durability and wear resistance, and chrome or nickel – for resistance of steel to corrosion.
  3. Pay attention to cloths of scissors. The angle of sharpening of edges is less, the they will be more sharply. Also at qualitative products of cloth are closed very softly, being fixed in that situation in which you have stopped them. Models with the special regulating screw are quite convenient as you can arrange them under the nature of hairstyle, thickness of hair or convenience to hands, however before you learn to do it, there can pass a lot of time.
  4. Select scissors depending on hairstyle which you will carry out. For example, tools for direct cut are suitable for creation of classical men's and female hairstyles, especially if on cloths there is no micronotch. And here thinning shears are used for receiving fashionable hairstyles with torn edges or different length of hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team