How to choose srub

How to choose srub

The srub or exfoliant will help to remove the died-off cages, to level face skin and bodies and to prepare it for perception of the nutritious and moistening means. It is possible to find expensive and available products on the basis of sugar in sale, salt, polymeric granules and other soft abrasives. In house arsenal it is better to have several face treatments, bodies, hands and legs.


1. The choice of srub depends on type of your skin. Fat stronger abrasives will approach, dry and sensitive very soft srubs are necessary. If you do not want to overdry skin, choose means with natural oils and vitamins.

2. Srubs differ depending on what abrasive substances are included in them. The most rough means become on the basis of ground fruit stones. Today such face scrubs do not use - better to leave them for processing foot, elbows and other places with especially dense skin. For body pick up exfoliants on the basis of sugar or the salts complemented with oils. The most gentle means use for polish of face skin - such srubs are produced on the basis of very small mineral powder or polymeric granules.

3. Consider also individual reactions. If your skin is inclined to damages or differs in hypersensibility, refuse means on the basis of sea salt. Also essential oils - especially citrus can cause negative reaction. The best choice for such skin - neutral cream exfoliants with round polymeric granules - they act very softly.

4. Alternative to usual srubs in the form of paste or cream - the means reminding soap with impregnations of rigid particles of loofah, ground nuts, sea salt or herbs. Such bar it is very convenient to process body. One more option - gels srubs. They contain smaller quantity of abrasive particles and peel skin very delicately.

5. Good srubs issue brands of different price categories. Luxury Brenda specialize in means with the innovation formulas which not only clean and polish skin, but also feed and even bring up her. Include vegetable peptides, cellular complexes, extracts from seaweed in structure of such means and valuable oils. The budgetary brands release simpler means, instead of natural oils using synthetic substitutes more often. However and these products can perfectly influence skin.

6. If you prefer natural structures, buy organic srubs. They are produced on the basis of natural abrasives - for example, ground coffee, oatmeal or grated nuts. Such srubs have short expiration date, they need to be bought in the small portions and to store in the fridge.

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