How to choose sweet perfume for women

How to choose sweet perfume for women

To choose sweet spirits which suit you it is necessary to be defined what perfumery direction is the closest to you what type of sweet you prefer: confectionery aromas, fruit or spicy.


  1. The most sweet and tasty aromas belong to group of gourmet perfume. In their structure the central place is taken by edible notes: pastries, chocolate, sugar, caramel, nuts, zephyr... They can be shaded by fruit, berry, flower notes. If you the sweet tooth, then is your spirits. The brightest representative of this direction - Angel Thierry Mugler. The boom on aromas of this sort has also begun with exit of this perfume in 1992. Confectionery smells return in the childhood, give feeling of holiday and expectation of miracle. It is known that sweet stimulates production of hormones of happiness — endorphines, and even perfume with aroma tasty is capable to give positive emotions. For men the sweet woman — embodiment of heat and cosiness. If you are pensive, capable to see magic even in ordinary things and trust in miracles, you will like such spirits as Lolita Lempicka Lolita Lempicka, Midnight Fantasy Britney Spears, Pink Sugar Aquolina, Funfair Evening Maison Martin Margiela. Experts recommend to carry gourmet perfume in the winter as they are capable to warm and lighten the mood even during the coldest and wet weather.
  2. Also fruit aromas with notes of peach, apricot, melon, pear can be sweet... Often berries also are their part: raspberry, cherry, currant and others. They are shaded by notes of flowers, spices. Aromas with notes of exotic fruit well sound in the flying, granting carefree holiday mood. And in the spring, against the background of general avitaminosis, give explosion of positive. If you want to make impression of the self-assured optimist, you will suit such perfume as Pulp Byredo, Petite Cherie Annick Goutal, summer limitka of Escada.
  3. You will not call east, spicy aromas tasty. In them the sweet appears at the expense of pitches and spices. Often are their part: not gourmet vanilla, beans is thin, benzoin, ambergris, storax, patchouli, sandal-wood tree. Many great spirits - recognized classics of perfumery art - belong to this group: Shalimar Guerlain, Salvador Dali Salvador Dali, Organza Givenchy. Choose aromas of this group if you want to make impression of the woman elegant and mysterious. Recommend to carry similar perfume often in the evening, before solemn exit. But if aroma completely yours, you can put on it and in the afternoon, but only in the minimum dosage. The best time of day them — fall and winter. But it is possible and to experiment. Strangely enough, many spetsiyevy aromas very well prove during heat.

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