How to choose tattoo

How to choose tattoo

The tattoo is the constant drawing applied on body. It is put by means of special needles which enter dyes into skin. Before going to the master, it is necessary to decide on the drawing, color and the size of tattoo carefully. In this case you should not hurry – later you can strongly regret. There are no strict rules which would define what you need to choose tattoo. But at the same time there is number of recommendations which significantly would facilitate process of creation of tattoo.


  1. Size. The first what it is necessary to begin with is the size of your future tattoo. It should not be large, but at the same time too small. Provide as will look on tattoo shovel, of the size of coin, – it will seem just color spot. Also it is necessary to consider that the drawing of tattoo is more difficult, the more there has to be its size. Otherwise all significant elements will merge.
  2. Tattoo form. The drawing of tattoo generally represents any figure. For example, the snake biting the tail is circle, and the flower is similar to triangle. Therefore at first it is recommended to decide on figure form – triangle, circle, square, rectangle or zigzag. After you make choice, it is possible to select the drawing your future tattoo.
  3. Selection of color. To choose suitable color of tattoo, you can use the following hints. Red color – the most emotional, it helps you to be loaded with energy and lightens the mood. This color symbolizes that you are very sure of yourself, have strong spirit. But at the same time it strengthens tension therefore try not to abuse this color. Yellow is playful and bright color. It induces you to creativity, stimulates thinking, reduces stress, tension and fatigue. You can use it in fine details and additions. Green color is color of flying and greens. It causes feeling of reliability and support. It is well combined with red. Blue color is associated with the sky and the sea. It calms, weakens and creates feeling of comfort. This color well looks with black and white. Violet color symbolizes wisdom, nobility and refinement. It disposes to trust, reduces excitement. Combinations with white and lilac are magnificent. Black is the most popular color for tattoo. It is good for accurate lines, in most cases it is used as contour, shadows and primary color.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team