How to choose the hairdresser

How to choose the hairdresser

The good hairdresser has to not only manage to choose the most suitable hairstyle and laying for the client, but also to give useful tips on hair care and the choice of shampoos, balms and masks. Having found the expert who completely suits you, you will be able to visit him regularly: the master will already know what to offer and how to work with your hair.


  1. Think what has to be your hairdresser. Some people, for example, have special requirements to gender and age: someone does not love when the young specialist is engaged in their hair, and someone does not like female hairdressers. Also decide what result you want to receive as a result what hairstyle and laying are pleasant to you whether you want to recolour hair, etc. The hairdresser will be able to do hair of your dream only if well understands all your requirements.
  2. Pay attention to the hairdressing salons located near your house or the place of work. Otherwise you, perhaps, should go to other end of the city every time when it is necessary to make laying or to cut slightly grown hair. Such option is appropriate only if your hairdresser has replaced the place of work or if you have moved to other area.
  3. Find out at acquaintances, relatives, friends and colleagues at what hairdresser they prefer to be cut. At the same time pay attention to hairstyles of interviewed and solve whether accept you work of the expert chosen by them. It is possible also to try to look for comments on different masters on the thematic websites. However do not forget that not always such responses can be truthful therefore you should not trust each of them implicitly. One dissatisfied client on ten happy is not indicator of poor quality of work of the expert.
  4. Pay attention to appearance and behavior of the hairdresser. Slovenliness, bad hairstyle and laying can become disturbing signs: whether you that the person who does not even watch himself was engaged in your hair want? Try to describe desirable hairstyle. The good hairdresser for certain will be able to offer you several interesting options, to show photo in magazines, to slightly correct your wishes if necessary. If the hairdresser in everything implicitly agrees with you and does not pay attention to your face type and structure of hair, you should not be cut at it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team