How to choose the machine for beard hairstyle

How to choose the machine for beard hairstyle

machine for hairstyle of hair is quite good way to save, and also special nozzles or separate devices for shortening and straightening of beard and mustache can help out men. Such devices are very convenient, you can use them when and anywhere.


  1. Installations at the sheared length of hair differ from 0.5 to 41 mm. You watch these characteristics of the machine in the attached instruction and choose suitable model. Pay attention and to quality of stainless steel of edges. If they are protected by special structures, it will make the device more durable.
  2. That the machine for hairstyle of beard and mustache has served long, after 2-3 times of use oil the basic rubbing edges of knives special. If the knife has strongly heated up, it needs to be greased too. To get rid of excess efforts, buy the device with the self-greased edges, with teflon covering of knives.
  3. High speed of the movement of knives will help you to keep time for hairstyle, but will demand from you bigger skill. Look how many nozzles are included in the machine package for beard hairstyle. Their optimum quantity – 4-5 pieces.
  4. There are network, accumulator and network and accumulator devices for hairstyle. Network devices more reliable, but it is not always convenient to use them because of cord. Accumulator machines will work 40-60 minutes, then they will need recharge. It lasts 8-10 hours. Optimal variant – accumulator and network. Use them as it is convenient to you.
  5. Machines for hairstyle of mustache and beard use for thinning, shortening and giving of form of vegetation on man's face. Some models have special capacity for the sheared hair that does process of work accurate and more convenient.
  6. It is possible to buy the precision trimmer is special nozzle on the machine by means of which it is very good to straighten beard, whiskers and mustache. To issue contours of temples and beard, make special edging machines. In some electrorazors there is built-in folding thin edging knife.
  7. Many models of machines for hairstyle of hair contain in nozzle set, suitable for leaving behind mustacheof and beard.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team