How to choose the moistening means for body

How to choose the moistening means for body

For body care it is possible to use creams, emulsions, gels or the moisturizing sprays. Choose means depending on skin type - what will suit fat, will be useless for dry. It is possible to find products which not only will moisturize the skin in sale, but it is slightly brought up her, will give beautiful shade or pleasant aroma.


1. If you have dry skin, it is better to moisten it twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. For morning lungs, quickly absorbed emulsions will approach - they do not demand rubbing in. In a few minutes after drawing it is possible to put on. Before going to bed you put more nutritious means on the basis of natural oils shi, olives, soy, macadamia, argon. It is better to apply such cream or lotion after warm shower or bathtub, carefully rubbing in skin.

2. The sensitive and overdried skin will suit the moistening and nutritious funds from emolentama, allantoin and glycerin. They hold moisture, small damages treat and create protective hydrolipidic film on body. For very dry skin creams with urea are necessary - usually apply them on the coarsened parts of the body. It is better to apply such means courses, alternating them to more soft creams.

3. Normal and oily skin will suit the moisturizing gels. These means do not contain oils, are quickly absorbed and maintain water balance. Choose means with natural plant extracts and vitamins. Very well gels act on thermal water. Except the looking after gels, it is possible to find options with spangles in sale - they can be used for evening actions.

4. Creams with vegetable peptides and coenzymes which will return the lost tone are shown to the withering skin, it is slightly tightened contours of body and will make it elastic. Choose nutritious formulas in the form of cream and carefully rub it, combining the procedure with the massage stimulating blood-groove.

5. Today liquid humidifiers in spray are very popular. They are easily put, quickly absorbed, do not leave cling film on skin. Choose the moisturizing sprays on the basis of thermal water enriched with extracts from fruit, flower hydroarmour and essential oils. Consider that all similar means contain alcohol so if your skin is sensitive to it, try other humidifier.

6. Buying the moistening means for day, pay attention to availability of sun-protection factor. For the city it is enough 15 SPF, for departures on the nature and on the beach the screen not less than 30 SPF is necessary. In the flying will be useful and the cooling humidifiers - them can be used as after solar bathtubs, and independently. Such means usually are issued in the form of liquid emulsions, they contain extracts of seaweed, mineral water, extracts of the calming plants - mints, camomiles, ginger.

7. If you want not only to moisturize the skin, but also to give it beautiful shade of suntan, choose milk with the tinting effect. It is possible to find options in sale for swarty and white-skinned. Such means is put as usual body cream, the shade turns out very delicate and gentle. For maintenance of beautiful skin color it is enough to use milk every other day.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team