How to choose the real spirits

How to choose the real spirits

Use of counterfeited perfumery products can do harm to your health, not to mention the spent money and deep disappointment in the first attempts to test spirits. Not to be mistaken at choice of perfume, it is necessary to follow certain rules and to consider the principles of registration of packing.


  1. Be guided by the price of spirits – the good, quality products will never cost little. But it is only the first parameter of the choice as most often fakes try to implement at the original price.
  2. If you precisely know that you want to get, then in advance you study branded packing, learn about distinctions which the specific producer tries to protect the products from fakes. It can be special form of bottle, convex font, etc.
  3. Pay attention to quality of packing. If you get spirits in the box fitted by polyethylene, then note quality of seams – they have to be equal, flat, and the film has to be tense densely, without wrinkles and folds. All seams have to be glued or soldered, but without glue traces.
  4. Check quality of inscriptions on box – they should not be indistinct, badly printed. If inscriptions are on packing film, then rub it damp scarf or finger – paint has to be steady. Pay attention to correctness of writing of words in English or French – the passed letters testify to counterfeit products. You can not notice one changed letter in the name of spirits just because are not sure that you know how it is correctly written – be prepared for choice of perfume in advance, write out the necessary information on the sheet of paper and take it with yourself.
  5. On any box with the real spirits information on the producer, the country of origin, the name of products, date of production, structure, etc. will be placed. If you understand barcodes, then it is useful to you to check compliance of information for them and the specified country of origin. But it is not obligatory as such signs forge most often.
  6. Stir up bottle with liquid – there should be no impurity or deposit. Color of spirits has to be natural – they can be transparent or yellowish, and too bright shade has to guard you. Examine cover from bottle – it should not be metal, has to twist or be latched densely. The bottle has to be made of dense glass, free of defects and vials of air.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team