How to choose varnish for short nails

How to choose varnish for short nails

Short nails are fashionable today. That they looked even more effectively, give them the beautiful form and apply suitable varnish. There is a lot of options: dark enamel will give to fingers grace, light varnishes of natural tones will emphasize beautiful skin color, and fashionable bright colors will lighten the mood.


1. Color of varnish depends on shade of your skin. It is especially important when choosing light natural shades. To warm golden skin there are soft beige, peach, apricot enamels. Pale skin will be especially beautiful with varnishes of cold pink, pale lilac and grayish-beige shades. Swarty fingers will suit varnishes with golden and bronze shimmer.

2. Very successful decision for short nails - varnishes metallics. Try means with silver, gold or copper covering. It is possible to find in sale also the color varnishes with metal effect which are poured different shades. If you are going to buy such varnish, choose dark options: chocolate, black-gray, greenish.

3. Pay attention to new collections of the leading varnish firms. The majority of the offered shades will be ideal for short nails. It can be "near-black" enamels: violet, gray, burgundy, black-green. They visually extend plate and extend fingers. It is possible to try varnishes of blue and green scale of various saturation and also classical red tone.

4. The most unsuccessful shades for short nails - bright and light. They visually shorten fingers, and nails do by wider. It is worth being more careful also with neon enamels, they are suitable not for all hands. The varnishes of corporal color which are not matching shade of your skin will not approach too. Choosing beige, cream and yellowish varnishes, surely you apply them on nails and estimate result at natural and artificial lighting. If in shop there are no testers, use branded plates with the painted tipsa.

5. Not only color, but also texture of varnish is important. On short nails brilliant enamels, varnishes with the large glitter reminding fish scales and also varnishes craquelures with vertical cracks or effect of crocodile leather look more beautifully. Well also varnishes with special effects - texture of sand, small fibers, holography and modulations look.

6. Opaque, vinyl and suede enamels go to only ideally equal and narrow nails with the extended bed. Varnishes with nacre should not be bought - such means visually increase hands and look is old-fashioned. Not too beautifully also means black and white specks, foil pieces, color small glitter look. Such varnishes are better combined with long nails.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team