How to clarify hair on 6 tones

How to clarify hair on 6 tones

If your hair by nature dark or have been painted in dark color by resistant paint, then it will be quite difficult to turn into the solar blonde to you. Usual paint is capable to clarify only natural pigment of hair to 5-6 tones. If hair too dark then not to do without procedure of decolorization.


  1. For clarification of hair on 6 tones you need strong blondiruyushchy medicine and oxidizer. The percent of oxidizer is selected proceeding from structure of your hair. Fine hair clarifies weaker oxides - 3% and 6%. Rigid or earlier dyed hair should be decoloured by means of stronger oxides - 9% and 12%. When choosing blondiruyushchy means it is better to give preference to the checked firms guaranteeing good result.
  2. At clarification of hair it is necessary to apply blondiruyushchy mix on hair since those hair which hardly give in to decolorization - it is occipital part. Whisky should be painted at the last minute. You apply mix on hair with thick brush, evenly distributing structure on all hair from roots. The ends are painted much quicker therefore there is sense to apply on them structure at the end of coloring.
  3. Clarification of hair can take place gradually and unevenly. The oxygen which is emitted from peroxide oxidizes natural pigment, etching him from structure of hair. Owing to what hair become empty. Therefore at strong clarification the procedure of further toning of hair is so important - it returns to hair color, force and also does them softer. At the procedure of decolorization heat is actively generated. Not to injure hair, it is not necessary to put on the warming cap on the head.
  4. On average clarification of hair on 6 tones takes about an hour. Therefore that the structure has not dried up on hair, do not do it too dense. It is rather simple to check result during the procedure - wash away structure from lock of hair and estimate extent of clarification. If he does not suit you, cover lock with structure again.
  5. Main stages of clarification of hair: red - red and red - red - yellow and red - yellow - light yellow. When your hair became yellow or light yellow, it is necessary to finish the procedure and to carefully wash out hair. Then it is worth starting toning of hair. Toning of hair can be made by means of soft cream paints without ammonia or coloring shampoos with the violet pigments neutralizing unpleasant yellowness of hair. You should not hold coloring means on hair long, there are enough several minutes, otherwise you risk to receive lilac hair.

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