How to clarify short moustaches

How to clarify short moustaches

Many girls with ideal face have complex because over upper lip at them short moustaches are noticeable. In certain situations they give charm, but in all others - it is better to get rid of them. For example, to clarify.


  1. Clarify short moustaches over upper lip or supry (it is used also when highlighting hair), either hydrogen peroxide, or the special clarifying cream. For clarification supry in small nonmetallic capacity it is necessary to mix a little powder of supra and oxidizer. After that apply mix on hairs and leave for several minutes. You watch that the supra has not got on gentle skin of lips and on mucous. Clarification by peroxide of hydrogen works by the same principle, as clarification of supry - pigment of hair collapses, as a result they become colourless. If you decide to clarify hair the decolouring cream, correctly mix it in nonmetallic ware (attentively read the instruction). Cream is in many respects more convenient than supra and peroxide because two active components will be rather simple to be mixed (without measuring proportion). But on cream there can be allergic reaction (because of the components which are its part).
  2. If you have dark hair (including on face), refrain from decolorization. Hairs all the same will look unnaturally as will become lighter than tone of skin. Such it is possible to depilate wax. It is possible to find special wax strips for the person which it is possible to depilate superfluous quickly and almost without serious consequences in sale. Before their application degrease skin and after remove hairs - oil peach. If you have sensitive skin, be careful - the irritation can begin.
  3. The photoepilation method best of all will be suitable for sensitive skin. The procedure from undesirable hairs on face can be carried out in many salons now. But before going there, be convinced of its reliability.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team