How to clarify skin

Many centuries ago white skin was considered as sign of nobility therefore women diligently masked freckles, pigmental spots and even swarty skin color under thick layer of make-up. Times have passed, and now there is no need to use such methods. It is rather simple to have in the arsenal beauty the bleaching means. How to clarify skin today?


1. Procedures of bleaching of skin in salons beauty. As a rule, in this case bleaching happens due to chemical peeling of the upper layer of the skin together with those cages which intensively are painted melanin - the painting pigment of our skin. Skin becomes lighter, however after such influence it needs to be protected - buy cream with the maximum factor of protection against the sun and headdress with wide fields or visor.

2. Independent bleaching of skin. Many modern brands on face care offer the whole lines of means which both will clarify your skin, and will protect, and will prevent further emergence of pigmentation. Action of such means is based on combination of complex of components of both natural, and synthetic origin. Plus such means is the maximum check on sensitivity and the minimum stress for your skin later has begun uses.

3. If the problem of bleaching of skin is not necessary sharply, then it is possible to try to clarify skin folk remedies. Here the palm tree of leadership is held by parsley and lemon of which make lotions or just grate skin. Sour-milk masks, masks from wild strawberry and strawberry (they contain the acids clarifying skin), cucumber infusions and rubbings are also good.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team