How to clean face by national methods

How to clean face by national methods

It is necessary to clean and nourish face skin to any girl. Skin - indicator of youth, beauty and charm. The modern cosmetology represents number of cosmetic peelings which smooth and purify skin. However in house conditions it is possible to gain pleasant effect too if it is correct to pick up natural face pack.


1. Pure leather without irritation and dryness even after thirty years in all centuries caused admiration. The Egyptian queen Cleopatra used special masks for clarification and rejuvenation of skin. In particular, two sciences are engaged in problems of rejuvenation of skin and face skin: dermatology and cosmetology. If you want your person to be clean and gentle, never wash it with tap water. As in such water heavy metals are dissolved, protective function of skin weakens owing to what it becomes soiled easier. Besides, it is not necessary to wash face skin with soap - the special milk is for this purpose intended for washing. It is possible to use also filtered boiled water. Even better fresh spring water will be suitable for washing.

2. There are both cosmetic, and natural methods of face cleansing. Masks from vegetables and fruit have become widespread. Active agents of the majority of fruit masks are acids and vitamins. Working at the same time, they allow to achieve amazing results. So, for example, the lemon peeling clarifies skin and at the same time purifies it. Recipe its following: take lemon segment, squeeze out from it juice and dilute with olive oil. The effect of application of such mask is reached approximately in week. Besides, in traditional medicine apple masks are widely used. For this purpose take fresh apples, crush them in gruel and apply to skin. This mask will suit those at whom the skin is oily. Sometimes the wiped apples mix with sour cream or curdled milk that skin became soft, and time revealed. Milk, kefir and curdled milk as a part of masks are very useful to skin. They at the same time clean and bleach it.

3. One more way of clarification of skin is steaming of the person. It is reliable and qualitative method of cleaning of the clogged-up pores. Especially it will suit those who have the normal, fat or combined skin. For this purpose you need to take camomile flowers, to make them in pan or other volume ware, and then to steam out the skin. It becomes so: you cover the head with linen towel and hold the person within ten minutes over pan with camomile. After on your face the perspiration has appeared, you purify leather from dust and fat. This procedure opens time and brings excessive fat out of skin. It needs to be done at least once in three months, then your skin will be clean and shining.

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