How to clean face skin in house conditions

How to clean face skin in house conditions

Most of modern people on skin regularly has comedones. The cause is atmosphere of megalopolises, low-quality food, unhealthy way of life, insufficient skin care.

Black dots are formed because of active work of sebaceous glands. From deep layers of epidermis hypodermic fat is emitted for surface. To it dirt and parts of the keratosic skin is added. And the comedone which settles so deeply that the cleaning masks and even scrubbing do not give desirable effect turns out. Exit – to go to salon to professional deep cleaning or to arrange it to itself at home.  


The first that should be made – to wash out hands with soap. Only after it it is possible to touch the person. Further traditional washing by milk, gel, skin or lotion follows. Best of all the means containing fruit acids are suitable for clarification.

After washing, it is time to start scrubbing. If the ready srub near at hand was not, it can be made of cream and soda, or sour cream with ground coffee.

Important point: if on skin there are inflammations, pimples or abscesses about any cleaning of the speech cannot be.  

Procedure of cleaning of skin

First of all skin is prepared for cleaning by means of grass steam bath. Oily skin will suit structure from camomile or horsetail, dry will save yarrow and wormwood. When broth is ready, it is necessary to be inclined over pan and to allow skin to become impregnated properly with couples. That excess air did not get, the head and capacity should be wrapped up with towels. In 15 minutes the person is ready to deep cleaning.

Now it became possible to buy or order on the Internet the tool for vacuum cleaning of skin. It is very convenient to have such thing in arsenal. Those who does not have it should work as hands. In both cases it is necessary to remember preliminary disinfection. It is forbidden to touch the steamed-out skin with the fingers which are not processed by spirit lotion.

At implementation of the procedure manually it is necessary to watch nails, the careless movement can injure skin and to leave scar. Ideally fingers are located so that pressing was carried out by some small pillows. Each black dot is pressed down from two opposite sides.

In conclusion of time are closed by washing with alcohol-containing tonic and cool water. It was necessary to apply the moisturizing cream, and the home salon can be closed. If there is a wish for something natural, it is possible to make mask of honey with olive oil.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team